Volgograd, Mamaev Kurgan

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Mamaev Kurgan - the main height of Russia, a sacred place for the Russians. Erected a monument to him - a huge and majestic ensemble of heroes battle of Stalingrad on Mamaev Hill - captured the epic of courage and fearlessness in battle the defenders of Stalingrad became the turning point in World War II.

Cvoe name Mamaev Kurgan received during the Mongol invasion - so says the guidebook on Mamaev Hill. Even then, the mound was a strategically important high ground - at its peak was located outpost, established by Khan Mamai. Watchdog patrol guard against sudden attacks, the capital of the Khanate of Sarai-Berke, the khan sent about a hundred picked men from his bodyguards to serve on the mound. However, the museum-panorama "Stalingrad" think differently.

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