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Spokane, Washington, United States

Spokane, WA, USA at night seen from Space
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Spokane is a city in eastern Washington State, United States. The city is located along the Spokane River and has a population of approximately 222,000 people. As with many urban areas, Spokane is known for its bright night lights, which are visible from miles away. However, with the proliferation of artificial light in the city, the amount of light pollution has become a concern.

The amount of light pollution in Spokane is estimated to be around 14.1 mag/arcsecond². This measurement is a unit used to express the brightness of the night sky, with a higher number indicating more light pollution. The amount of light pollution in Spokane is relatively low compared to other urban areas in the United States, which is likely due to the city's smaller size.

Spokane's night lights are concentrated in the downtown area, where several tall buildings are located. The most prominent of these buildings is the Spokane City Hall, which is lit up at night and visible from miles away. Other notable landmarks in the city include the Spokane County Courthouse and the Bing Crosby Theater, both of which are also lit up at night.

The habits of the people living in Spokane also contribute to the city's night lights. Spokane is a vibrant and bustling city that is home to many restaurants, bars, and nightlife spots. As a result, the city stays up late, and many of its businesses stay open well into the night. This means that the city's streets are often lit up late into the night.

In addition to the city's nightlife, the industry in Spokane also contributes to its night lights. Spokane is a hub for manufacturing and technology companies, with several large corporations located in the city. Many of these companies operate 24/7, which means that their facilities are lit up around the clock.

The city's location also affects its light pollution. Spokane is located in a valley, which can trap light and make it more difficult for it to disperse into the atmosphere. This is exacerbated by the city's geography, which is surrounded by mountains that can reflect and amplify the city's light.

Despite the amount of light pollution in Spokane, efforts have been made to reduce its impact. The city has implemented measures to reduce the amount of light emitted from its streetlights and public buildings. Additionally, several organizations in the city have advocated for more responsible lighting practices, such as using shielded fixtures that direct light downward and prevent it from spilling into the sky.

Spokane is a vibrant city with a relatively low amount of light pollution compared to other urban areas in the United States. The city's night lights are concentrated in the downtown area and are due to the habits of its residents, the industry in the city, and its location. Despite the challenges posed by light pollution, efforts have been made to reduce its impact on the environment and the city's residents.