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Mukalla, Hadhramaut, Yemen

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Mukalla is a city located in the southern part of Yemen, in the Hadhramaut governorate, and is home to around 300,000 inhabitants. It is an ancient city with a rich history and is renowned for its unique architecture, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine. Mukalla is also known for its bustling nightlife and the bright lights that illuminate the city after sunset.

The city's night lights are a result of the urbanization and development of the area, with various buildings and landmarks contributing to the light pollution. Some of the notable buildings in Mukalla include the Al-Khaldi Mosque, the Sheikh Salem bin Mahfouz Mosque, and the Al-Wajihah Palace. These buildings are lit up at night, along with the streets, which creates a bright and vibrant atmosphere in the city.

The most significant contributor to light pollution in Mukalla is the city's burgeoning industry. The city is home to several factories and industrial zones that operate 24/7, and their lights are visible from far distances. The city's port, which is one of the busiest ports in Yemen, also adds to the light pollution with its numerous cargo ships and cranes that are lit up at night.

The habits of the people living in Mukalla also play a role in the city's light pollution. The residents of the city tend to stay up late and socialize outdoors, particularly during the hot summer months. The city's coffee shops and restaurants are open late into the night, with bright lights shining from their windows, contributing to the light pollution.

The estimated amount of light pollution in Mukalla is high, with the city having a sky glow radius of 24.77 kilometers. This means that the light pollution from Mukalla extends far beyond the city limits and can be seen from surrounding areas. The high levels of light pollution not only affect the city's inhabitants but also have negative impacts on the local wildlife, including birds and sea turtles.

Despite the negative effects of light pollution, Mukalla's night lights add to the city's charm and allure, attracting tourists from all over the world. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene, with many clubs and bars offering live music and entertainment. The Corniche, a scenic waterfront promenade, is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, with its stunning views of the Arabian Sea and the city's illuminated skyline.

Mukalla is a city with a rich history and unique culture, and its night lights contribute to its vibrancy and appeal. However, the high levels of light pollution in the city have negative impacts on the environment and should be addressed through sustainable and responsible urban planning. Despite this, Mukalla remains a popular tourist destination, and its night lights are an essential part of the city's identity.