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Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine

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Berdiansk is a city located in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast of Ukraine, situated on the northern coast of the Sea of Azov. The city is well-known for its stunning night lights, which offer a vibrant and captivating view to both its inhabitants and visitors. However, the city's beauty at night is not without its downsides as Berdiansk suffers from light pollution that affects the overall quality of life in the area.

Berdiansk is home to over 100,000 people, with the majority of the population living in the urban center. The city's location on the coast makes it an important center for the fishing industry, and the port of Berdiansk is a significant point for the transportation of goods in the region. The city also has a growing tourism industry, with many visitors drawn to the beautiful beaches and warm weather.

However, as with many other urban centers, Berdiansk's growth and development have come at a cost, with light pollution being a significant problem. The city's night lights, which are a source of pride for many residents, also contribute to the problem of light pollution. The use of streetlights, advertising signs, and building lights creates an excessive amount of artificial light that spreads out into the night sky and obstructs the natural view of stars and the Milky Way.

The estimated amount of light pollution in Berdiansk is relatively high due to its location near the coast, with the added factor of light emitted by the fishing boats that are a common sight at night. The fishing boats use powerful lights to attract fish, and these lights also contribute to the city's overall light pollution.

Despite the challenges posed by light pollution, Berdiansk remains a vibrant and beautiful city, with many landmarks that are worth a visit. The Berdiansk Lighthouse, situated at the end of the pier, is a notable landmark that provides a stunning view of the city and the sea. The lighthouse is open to visitors, and many tourists take advantage of the opportunity to climb to the top for a breathtaking view of the area.

The city's central square is another landmark worth visiting, particularly at night when the lights of the surrounding buildings create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The square is home to many cafes and restaurants, and it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

The habits of the people living in Berdiansk are influenced by the city's location on the coast, with fishing being a popular pastime for many residents. The city is also home to several cultural events, including an annual music festival and a traditional Ukrainian festival that celebrates the area's heritage and history.

In terms of industry, Berdiansk is home to several factories, including a fish processing plant and a cement factory. These factories are a significant source of employment in the area, and they contribute to the city's economy. However, the factories also produce a significant amount of light pollution, particularly at night when the factories are in operation.

Berdiansk is a beautiful city with a vibrant culture and many landmarks that are worth visiting. However, the city's growth and development have come at a cost, with light pollution being a significant problem. The city's inhabitants and visitors must work together to find solutions to reduce the amount of light pollution and preserve the natural beauty of the night sky.