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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

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Ashgabat is the capital city of Turkmenistan, located in Central Asia, and home to approximately 1.1 million people. Known for its unique architecture and vast boulevards, Ashgabat is a city that never sleeps, with bustling markets, grandiose buildings, and stunning night lights.

Ashgabat is a city of contrasts, with grandiose buildings juxtaposed against run-down Soviet-era architecture. The most notable landmarks of the city are the Arch of Neutrality, the Independence Monument, the Palace of the President, and the Turkmenistan Tower. The city also boasts many museums, including the National Museum of Turkmenistan and the Turkmen Carpet Museum. The city's buildings are adorned with lights that illuminate the streets, making Ashgabat a dazzling sight at night.

However, Ashgabat's night lights come at a cost – light pollution. Light pollution is caused by the excessive use of artificial lighting, which disrupts the natural cycles of plants, animals, and humans, and affects the quality of life in cities. Ashgabat is no exception to this, with light pollution levels estimated to be high. The primary contributors to light pollution in Ashgabat are the numerous streetlights, buildings, and billboards that illuminate the cityscape.

The city's inhabitants are known for their love of the outdoors, with many public parks and gardens that attract visitors throughout the year. The parks are often well-lit at night, which adds to the city's overall light pollution levels. Despite this, the people of Ashgabat are proud of their city's unique architecture and vibrant nightlife, and they continue to enjoy the city's many attractions, even at night.

In terms of industry, Ashgabat is home to several manufacturing plants, including a textile factory, a chemical plant, and a food processing plant. These industries contribute to the city's economic growth but also add to the light pollution. The factories' night lights illuminate the city's skyline and add to the overall light pollution levels.

Ashgabat is a beautiful city that is famous for its unique architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant nightlife. The city's night lights are undoubtedly one of its most attractive features, but they also contribute to its high light pollution levels. Despite this, the people of Ashgabat continue to enjoy the city's many attractions and are proud of their city's unique culture and heritage.