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Al Mudaybi, Ash Sharqiyah, Oman

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Al Mudaybi is a small city located in the Ash Sharqiyah Governorate of Oman, a country situated in the southeastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. This city is known for its stunning night views, but like many urban areas, it also faces issues with light pollution. With a population of around 30,000 people, the city has been gradually growing over the past few years, and its night lights have been increasing as well.

One of the main factors that contribute to the light pollution in Al Mudaybi is the use of streetlights. As the city has expanded, more streetlights have been installed to provide better visibility and safety at night. However, many of these streetlights are poorly designed, with light being emitted in all directions rather than being focused on the street itself. As a result, the light scatters into the sky and creates a bright, hazy glow that obscures the stars and other celestial bodies.

Another contributing factor to the light pollution in Al Mudaybi is the habits of the people living there. Many residents leave their lights on throughout the night, even when they are not in use. This not only wastes energy but also contributes to the overall brightness of the city at night. Additionally, the use of bright LED lights in homes and businesses can also contribute to light pollution.

Despite the light pollution, Al Mudaybi is still home to many stunning landmarks and attractions that can be enjoyed at night. The city is known for its beautiful palm groves, which provide a unique backdrop to the night sky. Additionally, the Al Mudaybi Fort, a historic landmark that dates back to the 17th century, is lit up at night and can be seen from miles away. The fort was built as a defensive structure, and its imposing walls and watchtowers are a testament to Oman's rich history.

The city of Al Mudaybi is also home to a growing industry, with a variety of businesses and services catering to the needs of the local population. The city has a bustling market, where locals and tourists alike can purchase a wide range of goods, including traditional Omani crafts, textiles, and spices. Additionally, the city has a growing tourism industry, with many visitors coming to experience Oman's unique culture and stunning natural beauty.

In terms of light pollution, Al Mudaybi is estimated to have a moderate level of brightness at night. According to the World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, the city has an average brightness of around 18.8 mag/arcsec², which places it in the moderate range of light pollution. While this level of brightness is not as severe as some other cities, it still poses a threat to the environment and can impact the visibility of stars and other celestial bodies.

Al Mudaybi is a city with a rich history and unique culture, and its night lights are an important part of its identity. However, like many urban areas, the city faces issues with light pollution, which can impact the environment and hinder stargazing. By taking steps to reduce the use of streetlights and encouraging residents to be more mindful of their lighting habits, Al Mudaybi can work towards creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city.