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Al-Mahmudiyah, Baghdad, Iraq

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Al-Mahmudiyah is a small city located in the southern part of Baghdad, Iraq. It is home to around 52,000 inhabitants, and its most prominent feature is its night lights, which create a picturesque view of the city.

Despite its size, Al-Mahmudiyah has a significant amount of light pollution. The city's lighting infrastructure consists mainly of streetlights and commercial lighting, which are designed to provide illumination for nighttime activities and to enhance the beauty of the city's landmarks. However, the excess lighting can have a detrimental effect on the environment and human health. According to the World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, Al-Mahmudiyah is ranked at 34 out of 195 countries in terms of light pollution levels.

The most significant factor that contributes to Al-Mahmudiyah's light pollution is the widespread use of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. HID lamps are a type of electric light that produces a bright white light, making them ideal for streetlights and commercial lighting. However, they emit a significant amount of light that scatters into the atmosphere, contributing to sky glow, which is a type of light pollution that obscures the stars.

Another factor that contributes to the city's light pollution is the inhabitants' habits. Many people in Al-Mahmudiyah leave their lights on all night, even when they are not using them. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness among the population regarding the effects of light pollution, leading to a general lack of concern about the issue.

The city's landmarks also play a role in its light pollution. The most prominent of these landmarks is the Al-Mahmudiyah Palace, which is located in the city center. The palace is illuminated by a large number of floodlights, which provide an impressive view of the palace at night. However, the excessive lighting also contributes to light pollution.

The city's industry also contributes to its light pollution. The main industries in Al-Mahmudiyah are agriculture, textiles, and food processing. These industries require lighting for their operations, which contributes to the overall light pollution in the city.

Despite the significant amount of light pollution in Al-Mahmudiyah, the city's night lights continue to be a major attraction for both locals and tourists. The city's streetlights and commercial lighting create a beautiful and lively atmosphere, especially in the city center. Additionally, the illumination of the city's landmarks adds to the city's beauty at night.

Al-Mahmudiyah is a small city in southern Baghdad that is known for its night lights. However, the excessive lighting contributes significantly to the city's light pollution, which has detrimental effects on the environment and human health. The factors that contribute to Al-Mahmudiyah's light pollution include the widespread use of HID lamps, the habits of the inhabitants, the city's landmarks, and its industry. Despite the negative effects of light pollution, the city's night lights continue to be a major attraction for both locals and tourists.