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Aïn Oussera, Djelfa, Algeria

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Aïn Oussera is a small city located in the Djelfa province of Algeria, and it is home to approximately 50,000 inhabitants. The city is well known for its bright night lights, which make it a popular tourist destination, but at the same time, it also contributes significantly to light pollution.

One of the primary causes of light pollution in Aïn Oussera is the extensive use of street lighting throughout the city. Street lighting is essential for ensuring public safety and security, but the intensity and placement of these lights can cause significant light pollution. In Aïn Oussera, street lights are placed along major roads and in residential areas, and their intensity is often higher than necessary, leading to a bright and overwhelming glow that can be seen from afar.

Another significant factor contributing to light pollution in Aïn Oussera is the presence of industrial areas around the city. The city is home to several factories and industrial plants, which require extensive lighting to function during the night. As a result, large areas around these factories are bathed in a bright artificial light, adding to the overall light pollution in the city.

Moreover, the habits of the people living in Aïn Oussera also play a role in the city's light pollution. Many residents keep their lights on throughout the night, even when they are not using them, contributing to the overall brightness of the city. Furthermore, some individuals in the city are also known to use high-intensity outdoor lighting to enhance the aesthetics of their homes and gardens, which also contributes to light pollution.

The city of Aïn Oussera has an estimated level of light pollution of 5.7, according to the Light Pollution Map, which ranks the city as having moderate light pollution. Despite the moderate level of light pollution, it can still have significant effects on the environment and the health of residents. Light pollution can disrupt natural habitats and disturb the behavior of nocturnal animals, leading to a decline in biodiversity. Moreover, it can have adverse effects on human health, including sleep disorders and increased risk of cancer.

Despite the negative effects of light pollution, Aïn Oussera is still a beautiful and vibrant city, with many landmarks that are worth visiting. One of the most notable landmarks in the city is the Great Mosque of Aïn Oussera, a stunning structure with a domed roof and intricate tile work that is illuminated at night, making it a popular attraction for both locals and tourists. Other popular landmarks in the city include the Aïn Oussera Palace, the old market, and the Aïn Oussera Museum.

Aïn Oussera is a small but bustling city in Djelfa province, Algeria, with a moderate level of light pollution caused primarily by excessive street lighting, industrial areas, and the habits of its residents. Despite its light pollution, the city remains a popular tourist destination, thanks to its vibrant culture, beautiful landmarks, and friendly inhabitants. It is essential to reduce light pollution in the city to preserve its natural beauty and ensure the health and well-being of its residents and the environment.